What is Tech Trek?

Tech Trek is a week-long math/science camp designed to develop interest, excitement and self-confidence in girls who will enter eighth grade in the fall. The camps feature hands-on activities in math, science and related fields. The girls stay in the dormitories on the university campus while attending class.

Tech Trek is sponsored by AAUW of California, and held on five University campuses throughout the State. Tech Trek has been in existence since 1998. The camps are conducted by volunteer members of various AAUW branches throughout the State, and classes are taught by credentialed teachers and instructors from the colleges and universities. The girls live in a dorm on a college campus, attend classes, and participate in field trips.


How are the girls selected?

The principals and teachers of the local middle schools recommend potential attendees. The selection process includes an application, essay and a personal interview conducted by members of our AAUW group.


The American Association of University Women (AAUW), Banning/Beaumont Group is dedicated to encouraging the girls in the Pass Area to continue their education. The Tech Trek Science Camp is an opportunity for the girls to become aware of the many opportunities available to them if they stay in school and set goals for their future. Through the generous contributions of organizations and individuals in the Pass Area, AAUW arranges for two outstanding 7th grade girls to attend Tech Trek Science Camp at the University of California San Diego. The girls are selected from Banning and Beaumont middle schools.

We hope that you or your organization will help us continue to make Tech Trek available to our local girls. The cost to our local group is $850 per girl. The majority of the funding comes from thoughtful individuals and organizations like yours.


Tech Trek News:

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AAUW Tech Trek program on CBS News in Summer 2011:

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May 2011:  We met with our Tech Trek girls and their families. We do this each year so the girls get to know each other before they go off to camp in July. It also gives the families the opportunity to find out more about AAUW and what we do for women and girls. We are sending three girls this year, one from each of the middle schools in Banning and Beaumont. This brings us to a total of twenty girls from the Pass Area that we have sent to Tech Trek.


July 2009:  Three very excited young ladies from the Pass Area were off to UC San Diego for a week of Tech Trek. The girls spent a week being exposed to classes in math, science and related fields. They also went on field trips and had evening programs. They were able to experience living in a dorm on a college campus and interacting with other girls their age. Instructors were credentialed middle school teachers and women currently engaged professionally in the various fields.

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