2016-2017 Redlands Branch Officers:

  • President: Theresa Lantz     
  • President-Elect: Patty Ahearn
  • Program Vice President: Toni Momberger   
  • Membership Vice President: Karen Skoog
  • Recording Secretary: Diane Bennett     
  • Hospitality: Judith Brandt
  • Treasurer: Kate Pretorius
  • Communications: Becky Johnston

2016-2017 AAUW Programs:

  • AAUW Fund: Judith Brandt and Kathy Toister
  • AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund: Jane Roberts
  • AAUW College and University Partners: Kathy Toister and Sheron Bealer
  • AAUW Public Policy: Kathryn Brown
  • Speech Trek: Patty Ahearn

2016-2017 Community Action Projects:

  • Adult Literacy/CHAT: Trudy Waldron and Katherine Gifford
  • Family Service Project: Dawn Romo
  • Local Scholarship: Rosa Gomez and Jan Jacobson
  • Orangewood High School: Diane Bennett
  • Redlands Bowl Ushers: Gail Anderson
  • Redlands STEM Conference: Marilyn Shankar
  • Pass Area STEM Conference: Sheron Bealer and Joanne Nightingale
  • YMCA Holiday Home Tour: Ann Leonard and Linda Browning


Promoting equity and education for women and girls