Branch Meetings and Programs 2016-17

Reservation information and Speakers can be found in the current newsletter.

Saturday meetings: Social 9 am, brunch 9:30 am, program 10:15 am

Tuesday meetings: Social 5:30 pm, Dinner 6:00 pm, program 6:45 pm

Saturday, Sept 10  2016 Casa Loma Room U of R. Membership

Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016 Casa Loma Room U of R.  Election Information

Saturday, Nov. 5 2016 Casa Loma Room   U of R  Kathleen Feeley, U.S. History and Women’s Studies Professor at U of R. “Gossip in American History:

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2016  Casa Loma Room U of R. Speaker Debra Crawford, The Eden Project. “Planting Trees and Saving Lives”

Saturday, Jan 7, 2017  Casa Loma Room U of R. Jennifer Nelson, U of R rep and Author, “The Feminist Health Movement”

Saturday, Feb 4, 2017  Casa Loma Room U of R. Fellowship recipient

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 Casa Loma Room U of R  Denise Hoyt, mayor of Yucaipa, “Getting Elected As A Woman”

Saturday, April 1, 2017 Casa Loma Room Scholarship Recipients

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 Casa Loma Room Legal Advocacy

Saturday, June 3, 2017  Casa Loma room Carole Nagergast, retired UCR professor, “Amnesty International and Human Rights”

All branch meetings are open. A meal reservation must be made by the deadline date in the newsletter to participate in the meal. It is not necessary in order to attend just the program. 

Interested in AAUW but not yet a member? Come share a meal with us during a monthly meeting and see what you’re missing! Contact us or phone 909-362-4955 for information.

Email: or phone 909-362-4955

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