Great Decisions

The Great Decisions interest group meets for 8 weeks beginning  this year in March with two discussion opportunities each week.
Our discussion materials include a booklet and a DVD produced by the Foreign Policy Association.  The topic article is read prior to each meeting.  We begin by watching a 20 minute video and then proceed to the discussion. There is both a 7PM Wednesday evening group and a 1PM Monday afternoon group.  The discussions are always both lively and informative.  We do not solve all of the world’s problems, but we certainly have a better understanding of the challenges. This group meets in members homes.

Sign-ups for the 2018  discussion series will begin in September.  The reading material will cost $25. Contact Adriane Gram (evening group) or Sue Wallace (afternoon group) for additional information about this interest group.

Topics for 2017 are:

  • The Future of Europe
  • Trade and Politics
  • Conflict in the South China Sea
  • Saudi Arabia in Transition
  • U.S. Foreign Policy and Petroleum
  • Latin America’s Political Pendulum
  • Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Nuclear Security

More on the 2017 topics can be found here

Topics that were discussed in 2016 are:

  • Feb 1: Middle East
  • Feb 8: Islamic State
  • Feb 15: The Kurds
  • Feb 22: Migration
  • Feb 29: Koreas, North and South
  • March 7: United Nations
  • March 14: Climate Change
  • March 21: Cuba and the US

More on the 2016 topics can be found here

The 2015 discussion topics were:

  • Russia and the Near Abroad
  • Privacy in the Digital Age
  • Sectarianism in the Middle East
  • India Changes Course
  • The US and Africa: The Rise and Fall of Obamamania
  • Syria’s Refugee Crisis
  • Human Trafficking:  A Serious Challenge to Humanity
  • Brazil’s Metamorphosis


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