About Our Group:

We have members further away from Redlands who have alternative meetings in Banning and Beaumont.

Our Pass special activities include:

The Pass Area Interest Group of the Redlands Branch of American Association of University Women is proud to present a math science conference designed to build confidence in young women and create an awareness of the diversity of careers involving math and science. The Conference is planned and managed completely by the women from Beaumont and Banning Pass AAUW Interest Group (mostly from Sun Lakes), and on the day of the conference, approximately 35 additional friends, both men and women from Sun Lakes, participate.

Can You Help With These Projects?

For more information contact Chairs Mary Belle Clark, Ann Harding, or Dee Riech.

Pass Area Group News:

January 2014: Another wonderful year of our 8th grade girls’ conference, now called STEM Conference. See our year’s photos – click here.

April 2013: Pass Area Group members have selected three outstanding seventh grade girls to attend Tech Trek at University of California, San Diego. We read 36 essays and interviewed twelve girls for the three scholarships. Many thanks to Johanne Nightingale, Joanna Ballard, Pat Heselwood, Chris Skok, Elaine Nairn, and Ann Harding. The girls will be attending camp for a week in June. While there they will live in the dorms, take core classes, go on field trips, and attend presentations by experts in various math/science related fields. The girls are from the Banning and Beaumont School Districts.

January 2013: Great Math-Science Conference! Yet another year of success bringing 300 8th grade girls to San Jacinto Community College for workshops. See published news.

December 2012: Many thanks to Chris Skok and Dee Riech for getting the speakers for our Thursday, January 10, 2013 conference. Bessie Reece has been out of town on a family emergency but thanks to Ann Harding everything is falling into place. Celeste Beard will be getting our facilitators and Pat Heselwood is busy getting our guides.

October 2012: We are making progress toward the Math/Science Conference on January 10, 2013. Any ideas you have are appreciated. Also on that note, both the Banning and Beaumont school districts have recently lost their superintendents, however we have been assured that we are on the master calendars for the Jan. 10 date. Applications will go out to the schools the first week in November in order for them to be returned to us before the schools go on their November break.

In addition, the AAUW Pass Interest Group will be holding an Informal Fall Social on Friday, October 19th at 6:30pm. If you are interested please contact Bessie Reece.

August 2012: We are hosting a get together for current and prospective members in the Pass Area on Tuesday, August 28th, at 7 p.m. at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Beaumont. Please join us!

More news can be viewed here.



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